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Rhapsody in Blue

Our schooner, the Amazon Solo, had just pulled up next to Gemiler Island, a speck of land off the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey.
February 2007
travel + culture

A Real Pickle

On a recent visit to Istanbul, I found a clear example of the point where food traditions migrate from the palace to the public sphere.
travel + culture

'Tis the Season: Memories of a Hot Time in the Holy Land

Before his 50th birthday, my old friend Thomas announced that he wanted to take some of his favorite people, including me, on a pilgrimage.

Street Food: Istanbul

Great food abounds on the streets of this culture-bridging city. Hunting for the perfect trash kebab, John Willoughby tries it all.
May 2005

Street Smarts

Raised in the Beirut of grand esplanades, Anissa Helou developed an addiction to Mediterranean street food—particularly those grilled kebabs.
June 2002

Roaming Round The Equator

I went to Turkey because a New York art dealer had cabled me to fly to Istanbul to look over a Rose Period Picasso that had just come into the market.
May 1950
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