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Top 10 Seder Faux Pas

Keep your hosts from choking on their matzoh this Passover with Rabbi Simcha Weinstein’s tips on what not to do at a seder
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Meet the New Deli

Jewish delicatessens haven’t been this exciting since pastrami first met rye.
October 2009
chefs + restaurants

Smoked Meat vs. Pastrami

I recently ate the famed smoked meat at Schwartz’s in Montreal, then flew back to New York and had the pastrami at Katz’s later that day. Which was better?

Who Invited This Guy?

Things get interesting when you’ve got a dinner guest who has, in essence, walked through the Five Books of Moses.
April 2009
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Madrid Goes Kosher

It took 500 years to find a good Sephardic restaurant in the Spanish capital—but who’s counting?
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Euphoric Hamantaschen

Imagine a pastry cobbled together from age-old recipes of French, Viennese, Russian and Polish Jews. A comforting, crumbly cookie filled with sweet, tart, life-affirming indulgence....
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A New York Minute

One night around Thanksgiving, I took a walk on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and came across an amazing sight.

An Alphabet for Gourmets, K-L

K is for kosher … and for a few reasons why the dietary laws have been called “one of the best economic regimes ever made public.”
April 1949
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