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Restaurants Now: Yerba Buena Perry

(New York) – A much-loved Lower East Side cantina sprouts a new branch.

Sandwiches of the World

Eating meat or cheese between layers of bread is practically an innate human behavior. These 12 delicious recipes show you why so many cuisines around the globe have some version of the sandwich....

Grilled Pork in Guajillo Adobo (Cecina de Cerrdo Enchilada)

When pork shoulder is marinated, grilled, and sliced thin, it’s tender and juicy. The chile-based adobo with guajillos and pullas provides a rich, mellow heat.
June 2009
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Peru’s Potato Park

This eco-preserve is a living monument to the descendents of the Incan empire—and their most prized food.

Potatoes with Cheese Sauce (Papas a la Hunancaína)

Potatoes are a cornerstone of the Peruvian. Gently spiced cheese sauce is usually poured over the potatoes or served as a dip. We serve them over the sauce, with accompaniments of lime and meaty olives....
May 2009

Chicken in Chile Sauce (Aji de Gallina)

Comfort food, Peruvian style. The chile sauce’s brilliant yellow hue comes from a pinch of turmeric, and bottled aji amarillo paste.
May 2009
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Salt, Lime, and Chile

Salt, lime, and chile can turn anything into a Mexican snack and a reminder of people I’ve known.

Peruvian Rice and Lentils (Tacu Tacu)

Versions of this casual dish are found throughout Peru, often crowned with a steak and a fried egg.
May 2009

Pina Pisco Sours

Pisco, a potent brandy distilled from grapes, is made in Peru and Chile, recognizable by its distinctive foamy head (from egg white) and lime flavor.
May 2009
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