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diary of a foodie

Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie: La Cocina Andaluza: The Flavor of Flamenco

Travel to the southernmost part of Spain—Andalucía, the land of flamenco and bullfighting, as well as the origin of many Spanish dishes.
chefs + restaurants

Dueling Spanish Chefs

Earlier this year, chefs Ferran Adrià and Santi Santamaría became embroiled in an explosive feud. At the heart of the fuss: a national culinary identity crisis.
chefs + restaurants

El Bulli Staff Meals

For chef Ferran Adrià, feeding the cooks and servers at his famed restaurant is serious business.
travel + culture

Spanish Scallop Scandal

It’s not every day that a Michelin-starred chef is sent to the clink for trafficking. In bad scallops.

MahÓn Cheese Ice Cream

A Gaudi-like take on the fruit and cheese course—dried figs in red wine with helado de queso (cheese ice cream) as a cool companion and a topping of sweet-and-sour Sherry vinegar syrup—is pure Barcelona....
January 2005
chefs + restaurants

Round Two in the Santamaría vs. Adrià Smackdown

Santi Santamaría, chef of the 3-starred Can Fabes, denounces Ferran Adrià’s “use of chemical substances like methylcellulose” as a “public health risk.”

Cooking Schools: Catacurian

Pick up the basics of Catalan cuisine while staying—and cooking—in charming El Masroig.
May 2008

Cooking Schools: A Taste of Spain

The whirlwind shopping trip through this Barcelona’s famous La Boquería market jump-started my half-day Catalan cooking class.
May 2008
travel + culture

Madrid’s New Old Market

During the 20th century, Madrid’s San Miguel market was the centerpiece of the Plaza Mayor neighborhood. Today, there’s nothing but rubble and dust inside.
wine + spirits + beer

The Botani of Desire

Jorge Ordoñez's and Alois Kracher's wines could put Málaga back on the modern wine map. The 2006 Botani is floral and herbal but bone dry.