ice cream


Fennel Ice Cream

We love this cool vehicle for fennel seed on its own, and it beautifully boosts the pear crisps.
October 2007

Get Thee to a Creamery

Lush pastures and blissed-out bovines are the main ingredients in sublime ice cream.
August 2007

Chocolate-Covered Mint Ice Cream Terrine

Once you’ve tried ice cream made with fresh mint leaves—a far cry from the neon-green stuff—you’ll never go back.
July 2007

Stout Floats

The genius behind these floats is blackberry brandy’s luscious fruitiness, which bridges the gap between the sweet ice cream and bitter beer.
June 2007

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

This is not just the best dulce de leche ice cream we've ever had, it's one of the best ice creams we've ever had, period.
May 2007

Watermelon Sundae

Fresh and creamy all at once, this clever combination of rich ricotta ice cream and icy-cold watermelon chunks is a twist on the classic Creamsicle. Shaved bittersweet chocolate complements both flavors...
July 2006

Grandpa Roy's Caramel Ice Cream

The deep caramel flavor in this ice cream will hypnotize you. And the optional garnish is actually a must; the combination of salty and sweet is too intriguing to pass up.
July 2006

Praline Ice Cream Sandwiches

This recipe is delightfully devoid of fuss; you simply make one big sandwich and then cut it into small pieces.
June 2006

Cranberry Ice Cream

Sweet and tart, this robust fruit ice cream is a perfect finish for any holiday feast.
November 2005
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