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How to Season an Omelet Pan

Food editor Paul Grimes swears by this method to season French omelet pans.
December 2006
food + cooking

Dealing With Silver Skin

Silver skin is that layer of white, opaque connective tissue on any variety of meats. It’s hardly edible, and tough as rubber.
food + cooking

The Joan Rivers Effect

A couple of readers have criticized the "burned-looking turkey" on our November cover. If you think that turkey was burned, you’ve been bamboozled.
food + cooking

Tools of the Trade

One commercial appliance is worth the money. Once you use a Vita-Prep, once you feel the full 37,000 RPM at your disposal, you will understand.

Smokin’ in the Backyard

Home smoking captures the delicate flavor that store-bought can’t. And all you need is a kettle grill and some hardwood sawdust.
June 2005

In the Mix

What's inside that little box is not just a mix, but a cultural phenomenon that has changed the way American home cooks think about baking—and themselves.
August 2002

Food Flashes: August 1946

Now you can make the cultured milk of the Balkans right at home in the kitchen and serve it fresh as this morning.
August 1946
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