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The Kid’s Menu: Let Them Eat Cake

When it comes to baby’s first birthday, what’s wrong with a sweet, simple, made-from-scratch celebration—or two?
food + cooking

The Kid’s Menu: Hold The Purée

Do your baby a solid favor and give those little jars of mushy sweet potatoes, squash, and bananas a skip.
food + cooking

The Kid’s Menu: Moms Who Lunch

No need to make reservations or stare blankly into the fridge. A mother’s perfect midday meal is all about doing leftovers right.
food + cooking

The Kid’s Menu: An Ode To Night Feedings

A piercing cry in the middle of the night, a baby’s insatiable appetite, a mother’s chronic sleep deprivation. What’s not to love?
food + cooking

The Kid’s Menu: Cutting Corners

If you’re strapped for time (I’m looking at you, new parents), do yourself a favor by not doing these five things when you cook.
food + cooking

The Kid’s Menu: Solid Foods, Fluid Rules

Introducing a baby to solids for the first time requires a whole new level of flexibility.
food + cooking

The Kid’s Menu: Cookbooks for Moms

If you’ve ever, say, set your baby sling on fire while cooking, you probably understand why new mothers need special recipes.
food + cooking

The Kid’s Menu: Warming Up to Frozen Vegetables

I never thought I’d find myself bypassing the farmers market in favor of the freezer section, but that was before I had an infant.
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The Kid’s Menu: How to Avoid Baby Formula

The world seems to start pushing formula on mothers at the moment of conception. But what if you just want your baby to drink breast milk?
food + cooking

The Kid’s Menu: The Postpartum Appetite Crash

For my entire adult life, I’d basically thought about food all day long. Then I had a baby.
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