Green Tea Punch

We won’t weigh in on the health benefits of antioxidants, but we can strongly endorse the flavor of this punch.
June 1973

French Breeze

There are too few cocktails made with Calvados. And there are too few cocktails made with grapefruit juice. Heres one with both.
July 1961

Gourmet’s Champagne Punch

This festive Champagne punch is the perfect wedding-party libation: It looks as beautiful as it tastes.
June 1959

Cocktail of the Week: Kosher Champagne Cocktail

Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters is, as far as we can tell, the only brand of kosher bitters. With it you can make this classic—and kosher—Champagne cocktail.

The Kate Winslet

For a cocktail that looks as aristocratic as Kate Winslet does, start with a mixture of London dry gin and red-currant jelly and top it off with dry sparkling wine.
February 2009

The Meryl Streep

Champagne seemed the obvious choice for a drink fashioned after Meryl Streep, as it’s widely associated with style and class.
February 2009

Oysters with Champagne-Vinegar Mignonette

In this elegant introduction to dinner, oysters are paired with Champagne grapes, whose sweet juice balances the sharpness of the vinegar in the mignonnette.
September 2005

Mi Rosa

Few drinks combine tequila and Champagne, but this gorgeous grown-up slushy makes it work.
October 1996

Peach in Champagne

One of our favorite drink recipes from the ’40s, this could be a precursor to the Bellini. Or its inspiration?
July 1948

Aristocrat Sparkling Punch

This 1940’s recipe comes from an article called “Punch is for Parties.” Party on.
February 1942
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