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What's Next? A Ban on Chorizo?

Endless articles in the Spanish press lament the passing of the Mediterranean diet.
food politics

Omega, Oh My!

My sister, who was visiting me in New York, had only taken one bite of cereal when she put down her spoon and hastily got up from the table.
food politics

McDonald’s Has a Royal Cow

When Prince Charles recently visited Abu Dhabi, he turned to a nutritionist and said: "Have you thought of banning McDonald's?
food politics

Hot-and-Sour Steroids?

A Chinese doping expert warns that some Chinese foods are so loaded with steroids, athletes could test positive for drugs during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
food politics

Nutritional Disinformation

Recently, I was handed a cookie to taste. It was bland and hard-to-chew, but I was intrigued by one thing.
food politics

In Spain, the Freeze is On

Spanish chefs are in an uproar over the government's decision this month to ban the sale of fresh fish and other seafood in restaurants.
food politics

Seeing Stars

Hannaford Bros., a New England grocery-store chain, has begun a system for rating the nutritional content of foods in its stores.
food + cooking

The U-Bomb

The Mushroom Council sent me an interesting press release that I thought I'd share. It proclaims that mushrooms are the king of umami.
food politics

The Science of Shirley Corriher

Scientist Shirley Corriher gave a lecture for the New York Academy of Science, giggling her way through topics like the effects of zinc chloride on chlorophyll.
food politics

Hot Seat

Myth: Eating bread or rice will cool a burning mouth. I find it to be the equivalent of placing hot coals on your tongue.