Jane and Michael Stern


They’re Red Hot

Barbecue is rightly deified down South, but the tamales there are also devilishly good.
December 2003

Pennies In A Stream, Falling Leaves, A Sycamore …

Moonlight in Vermont means it’s almost time for breakfast.
November 2003

Live, from Chicago—It’s the Billy Goat Tavern

But forget about having it your way, unless your way is a cheeseburger, chips, and Coke. That’s right, Coke.
September 2003

Burritos, Rellenos, and Tamales—Oh My!

Great food in Santa Fe is no surprise, but two restaurants outside of town turn out to be worthy of a pilgrimage.
August 2003

Nuts for the Northwest

In the midst of a search for the nut occasionally known as filbert, a chance encounter leads to the discovery of a fast-food chain unlike any other.
July 2003

Poultry in Motion

South of the Finger Lakes, grilled chicken is more than a dish. It’s a piece of local history with an advanced degree from Cornell.
June 2003

Going Coastal

Imagine a place with no Burger King. Now imagine creamy grits, oyster skillet roast, and pulled pork. It’s not a dream, it’s Edisto.
May 2003

Crab Cakes Be Damned, Give Us Stuffed Ham

It’s found only a few months each year, in a place that’s on the way to nowhere.
April 2003

Roamin’ Holiday

Two well-heeled travelers in search of Rome’s best street food found themselves most excited by what Romans eat while on their feet.
March 2003

Love Me Tenderloin

A pork sandwich so special that we stopped wondering, “What’s a Hoosier?”
January 2003
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