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chefs + restaurants

chefs + restaurants

The Top Five Tastes of Inauguration Weekend

Chestnut pancakes with José Andrés and his daughters, Najmieh Batmanglij’s amazing chicken shish kebab, and more.

Nimble Nectar

Cherished by the Aztecs, this natural sweetener is vegan and has a low glycemic index. Which may change civilization as we know it.
February 2009
chefs + restaurants

Someone’s in the Kitchen with Eric

The role of the executive chef is to keep the kitchen running smoothly—and that’s not easy for someone who’s used to micro-managing.

A Restaurant That’s Really This Good

Is Alinea truly the best restaurant in America? The shock and awe on diners’ faces seem to say it all.
October 2008
travel + culture

Spanish Scallop Scandal

It’s not every day that a Michelin-starred chef is sent to the clink for trafficking. In bad scallops.
chefs + restaurants

The Gourmet Q + A: Florent Morellet

Gourmet's Nanette Maxim spoke to Florent Morellet, chef of the soon-to-be shuttered restaurant, Florent, about life in the business.
travel + culture

Good Reason for an All-Nighter

In a city renowned for its summery festivals, Montreal’s most magical event may be the Festival En Lumiere.
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Bar Blanc

Given its name, it's not surprising that just about everything in this long, luxe lozenge of a room—from chairs to banquettes to candles—is white.
chefs + restaurants

Flying High With Alain Ducasse

Having just taken over the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, the sky’s no longer the limit for gastronaut Alain Ducasse.
chefs + restaurants

Science Chefs: Ian's Take

I wonder if the science-food trend hasn’t gone too far. Molecular gastronomy, whimsically interesting though it may be, does not equal molecular satisfaction.