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That Takes the Cake

The perfect affair has to be accompanied by the perfect cuisine. Above all, it must be crowned by the perfect cake. This is pressure. And maybe it's that pressure that can lead couples to make some truly...
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Lunch Before The Wedding

Sometimes there’s so much love all around it comes in through the air, it comes in through the hamburgers.
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Cookies—the New Cake

Wedding receptions in Pennsylvania and Ohio often feature a staggering variety of homemade masterpieces. Now the tradition is catching on elsewhere.
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A Cater-it-Yourself Wedding

We didn’t want ours to be a typical wedding. But was cooking all the food for it just plain crazy?
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A Cater-it-Yourself Wedding, The Recipes

Everyone asks the same question when they hear we catered our own wedding: “Are you insane?” Then the follow-up: “How did you pull it off?” That’s easy.
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Wedding Cake 101

Gourmet editor learned the hard way that baking a friend’s wedding cake is no piece of cake.

Building A Tiered Cake

Tips on creating a beautiful cake.
September 2004

Lemon Blackberry Wedding Cake

Want to make a wedding cake but are intimidated? This cake is for you. Layered with blackberries and garnished with roses, it is a showpiece.
September 1999
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