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The Bourbon of Our Fathers

A vintage whiskey ad hints at why I’m so partial to this quintessentially American spirit.

Eat Locally, Drink Industrially

The secret to what makes Kentucky bourbon so special. Plus: Our cocktail of the month.
March 2009
wine + spirits + beer

Sour Grapes

It’s no surprise that the president of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America is upset about bills seeking to make it easier for consumers to buy wine directly from wineries....

Put a New Cork in It

Are you a victim of Cork Compulsion (a state of unnatural dread as to whether or not your wines will age well?) Penfolds can help… or perhaps the answer is more transparent than you thought.
February 2008
james rodewald,
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Sad News

The wine world lost a giant today. Alois Kracher, just 48 years old, died of pancreatic cancer this morning.

Spirited Competition

Reinventing classic cocktails—by the book.
October 2007
wine + spirits + beer

Beauty Before Age

food politics

Swine of the Times

China's economy is booming, but the country is on the verge of a crisis. They're running out of pork.
wine + spirits + beer

A Summer Six Pack of Rosé

I love summer because dry rosés arrive on store shelves. There are good ones made almost everywhere and in a wide variety of styles.
wine + spirits + beer

Absinthe—Absent No More

Absinthe lovers are freaks. And it's got nothing to do with the chemical makeup of the spirit.
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