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Fro-Yo Fallacy

A ribbon of chocolate would swirl with a stream of vanilla. The result was a tower of low fat, low calorie frozen yogurt—the ultimate in guilt-free desserts.
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Yogurt, the Bulgarian Colonel, and Me

Renowned food writer Mimi Sheraton looks back to the dawn of America's passion for yogurt, and the 1947 Gourmet story that sparked her own long-term love affair...

Spinach in Yogurt Sauce (Spinach Pachadi)

Pachadis are lightly cooked South Indian salads, often involving yogurt. This was my grandmother’s recipe, and it remains a feature of my core repertoire because it’s so simple and unusual at...

Crisp Okra in Yogurt Sauce (Kichadi)

This coconut curry adds a tangy note to a South Indian menu. This recipe is part of our menu for Sadhya, a South Indian feast.

Mixed Vegetables with Coconut Sauce (Aviyal)

This quintessential Kerala vegetable curry marries many of the best ingredients of the region: coconut, curry leaves, green chiles, and a host of tropical vegetables. All the vegetables are cut into batons...
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My Day on a Plate: José Andrés

As part of a continuing series, José Andrés—who brought you cotton candy foie gras but won’t turn down an in-flight breakfast—tells us everything he consumed over the...

Tangy Frozen Greek Yogurt

Americans have learned to appreciate plain whole-milk “Greek-style” yogurt in all its thick, rich, creamy glory, and those attributes are played up here.
August 2009
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Yogurt Sauce

Raita—the classic Indian yogurt sauce—can be spruced up with grated radish, carrot, or cucumber, but Tanis likes it plain. (registration required)
September 2008

Cilantro Garlic Yogurt Sauce

Like tsatsiki, but with cilantro standing in for the mint, this tangy sauce packs a sneaky cayenne kick and makes an ideal accompaniment to grilled shrimp.
October 2007

Yogurt and the Bulgarian Colonel

By Martin Graham
June 1947
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