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Eight Great Rock Venues with Great Food

In the years I spent touring with the British rock band Electrelane, I sampled quite a few venue menus. Here are eight of my favorites.
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First Taste: Nick and Eddie

Do great restaurants ever really die? It's a good question to ask when at Nick and Eddie, Minneapolis’s newest big-buzz restaurant.
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Colin and the Chocolate Factory

Ever wonder why no one you know manufactures chocolate from raw cocoa beans? Right—neither had I until I spent an afternoon with 22-year-old Colin Gasko.
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America’s Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants: Casual

Bay Ave. Trattoria, The Flying Pig, and more.
July 2008
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The Midtown Global Market

The fate of Minneapolis' Midtown Global Market is one of the biggest open questions in Minnesota right now.
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Could Have Eaten

Capers fill me with a strange sense of loss. Not for capers, per se, but for what we, as North Americans, are not eating.
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To Dye For

My parents were frugal Midwesterners. While we lived in Minneapolis, we ate margarine—in spite of the fact that Minnesota was a dairy state.
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Fine Dining Takes a Dive in the Twin Cities

The Food Network recently hosted its first food-themed awards show, and Minneapolis lost out to Portland, Oregon. I can't really say I believe Minneapolis deserved to win.
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