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I’m One of the Aces in the Business

Over and over, I would hear stories of Biloxi fishermen getting out of the water, doubtful of the future. But Frank Parker’s got no worries.
food + cooking

Before the People and the Po’ Boys

Before I felt a Southern welcome, before meeting and eating with people filled with rich stories, all I knew of Biloxi was that it was a disaster.
food + cooking

A New York-to-Mississippi Minute: Layover in Atlanta Edition

I was looking to eat some African food at the airport, but just having someone to talk to about it was enough.
food + cooking

A Mississippi Minute: Cou-Cou and Macaroni Pie Edition

When the homesick give and get the flavor of home, they start to figure out who their friends are.
food + cooking

A Mississippi Minute: The Story Table Edition

Lauren has only a few things for sale, but a lot to say.
food + cooking

A Mississippi Minute: Lauren-Rhymes-with-Foreign Edition

Some people just talk in poetry.
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