alice waters

food politics

Slow Food Festival Fires Up

Alice Waters announced a huge public celebration to be held in San Francisco next May 1-4 (that's 2008), to be called Slow Food Nation.
food politics

Martyr of Unholy Corn Dogs

Various corners of the food world, the parent world, and the public-health world have all been abuzz with the bad news about school lunches.
food politics

From the Ground Up, In New Orleans

In New Orleans during Katrina two years ago, more than a foot of floodwater inundated the schoolyard at the Green Charter School.
food + cooking

Already Missing Johnny

Of all the people I’ve known, I think Johnny Apple enjoyed his life most.
travel + culture

You Can Get a Bad Meal in Italy

The American Academy in Rome has never been prized for its institutional food. Now, Alice Waters has come to the rescue with the Rome Sustainable Food Project.
travel + culture

Picnic in the Slow Lane

I ran into Alice Waters at Chez Panisse the other night, and she told me about driving home from Telluride with her daughter, Fanny.
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