Sesame-Soy Flank Steak

This marinade will turn any steak—skirt, sirloin, London broil, even pricey New York strips—into something worth raving about.
food + cooking

Kimchi Lessons

Michael Y. Park visits his mother in New Jersey to learn the only way to make Korea's spicy national dish
food + cooking

Cooking Asian Food at Home

Why don’t more people try their hand at Asian cuisine? It might have something to do with high school French class.
cookbook club

Cucumber Kimchi (aka oi kimchi)

This recipe is at the intersection of the ease of quick pickling and the full-on flavor of a long-fermented kimchi.
October 2009
food + cooking

Fried Chicken Worth Stripping For

My first experience with Korean fried chicken brought out the animal—or was it the baby?—in me.
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Green Goddess, Don Dae Gam, Permanent Brunch

In this week’s roundup, we visit an eclectic addition to New Orleans’ French Quarter; a New York City restaurant where it’s all brunch, all the time; and a Korean pork palace in Los...
food + cooking

Korean Tacos Come in off the Street

It all started with Kogi BBQ, the Los Angeles taco truck with the cult following. Now Korean tacos are taking other cities by storm—and your home kitchen could be next....
cookbook club

The Gourmet Cookbook Club: How to Make Korean Leek Pancakes

Food editor Kay Chun demonstrates how to make Korean Leek Pancakes from the cookbook Quick & Easy Korean Cooking by Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee.
cookbook club

The Gourmet Cookbook Club: Basic Tips for Korean Cooking

Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee, author of Quick & Easy Korean Cooking, shares some simple tips to help you make a great Korean meal with minimal effort, any night of the week....
cookbook club

Book Review: Quick & Easy Korean Cooking

If you’re looking to bring variety and imagination to your weeknight repertoire, Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee’s new cookbook has just what you need.
June 2009
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