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First Taste: Sepia

For every simple, perfectly grilled pork chop, there is a lusciously saline watermelon salad, funky and tart from goat yogurt and beguiling with lime zest.
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Love, Unrequited

chefs + restaurants

Bugs in the Kitchen?

This week, I ate at Moto, one of Chicago's experimental restaurants that practice what is often referred to as "molecular gastronomy."

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Trip to the Taste: The Verdict

I went to the Taste of Chicago, looking for vindication and corn dogs. Though I found neither I did manage to get home unscathed.
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Taste of Chicago: Pre-Game

Is the Taste of Chicago a complete nightmare, or is it Chicago’s signature summer event for good reason?
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The 96th Floor

When friends come to visit me here in Chicago, I take them to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor of the Hancock tower for a cocktail.
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A Restaurant Closes, and Everyone Asks Why

Perhaps, like the phoenix, the restaurants signature rooster will rise again.
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Edible Beauty

"Don't you have any soap?" "Of course," I said, pointing to what looked like a cow pie on the side of the tub.
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All in the Family

Two family-owned and operated restaurants in Chicago have similar profiles, including near-famous family atmospheres.
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Calumet Fisheries

I found the place that allowed me to merge my love of sawdust-on-the-floor bbq joints and gleaming-tile-and-stainless-steel smoked-and-pickled-fish emporiums.
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