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wine + spirits + beer

Drinking in a Foreign Language

On German wine shops, first-time awkwardness, and falling in love.
wine + spirits + beer

Eight Great Aperitif Wines

When it’s so hot that it’s hard to think of eating, aperitif wines come into their own. A little sweet, a little bitter, with unusual herbal notes to get the brain and palate ready for food, these...
wine + spirits + beer

Château-Chalon: The Forbidden White

Illegal in the United States, this nutty, salty wine is worth seeking out. (And of course, it’s much easier to find if you happen to be hanging out with one of the region’s top vintners.)...
wine + spirits + beer

The Allure of Albariño, the Trauma of Traminer

Australian winemakers have been in love with Albariño—one of the great Spanish whites—for years. But now the country’s white-wine industry has been turned upside down by a DNA...
wine + spirits + beer

A Crash Course in Greek Wine

Searching for gold—and finding it, occasionally, despite the odds—at an international wine competition.
wine + spirits + beer

Eight Great Rosé Wines

To hasten the arrival of summer, try one of these bright, sense-awakening wines.
wine + spirits + beer

Apera and Topaque Enter the Wine Lexicon

No longer able to “borrow” the names Sherry and Tokay, Australian wine producers are getting creative.
wine + spirits + beer

Super Sherry

This strange, sea-scented wine really does go with everything.
wine + spirits + beer

A Wine That Outshines Its Label

When a server recommends a generic-looking bottle, sometimes it pays to listen.
wine + spirits + beer

First Taste: Char No. 4

A wine geek masters (sort of) the whiskey list.
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