Tomato and Corn Pie

What’s integral here is a very thin biscuit crust instead of one made of pastry dough, making this a light lunch or brunch for summer.
August 2009

Tongue Tacos (Tacos de Lengua)

If you’ve ever ordered tacos de lengua from your favorite Mexican restaurant, you know how flavorful tongue can be.
June 2009

Corn-and-Tomato Scramble

Summer corn and vine-ripened tomatoes are already close to perfection. Here, the two are tossed together so their flavors and juices mix into something new.
July 2009

Fresh Corn Pancakes

These pancakes capture the sweetness of corn from the cob. Serve with syrup for breakfast or as a side dish with salsa and sour cream.
July 2009
food + cooking

Extreme Frugality: Making Allowances

Planting a garden is hard work. It helps when the kids work for money—or a movie.
food + cooking

Gardening 101: Pollinators, Please

A vegetable garden may not seem like the logical place for ornamental flowers, but they are essential in attracting the birds and bees that help your crops proliferate.

Ruth’s Mother’s Recipes: Green Bean Casserole

Mom loved this dish. So did every other mother in the ’50s.
April 2009

Kemp’s Eggs on Toast with Dandelion Greens

An egg on toast is so simple and so perfect that I can understand all those who might cry, “Don’t muck with it!”
May 2009
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