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food + cooking

Strange Foods in a Strange Land

My toddler comes to Europe. First snack: smoked eel.
travel + culture

The Best of the Wurst

I'm partial to a good wurst. It's in my genes. A brat, a Hefeweizen, and a side of kraut make for a very happy me.
travel + culture

Munich, Redux

After my hiatus in Prague, I was lucky enough to return to Munich and find sunny, cloudless skies for a change.
chefs + restaurants

Is Food Art? Yes.

The names of the participating artists at Documenta is always a well-guarded secret, and the inclusion of Adrià is noteworthy because he’s the first chef ever invited to participate.
travel + culture

Gute Reisen, Gute Speisen

Who'd have believed the Germans would win when it came to providing the best eating on trains in Europe?

Germany's Secret Garden

In Baden, where the Black Forest nestles up against France and Switzerland, you'll find some of Europe's finest restaurants.
October 2002