ruth harkness


Saludos: Part V

While recovering from malaria in Lima, Ruth Harkness meets a local chef who introduces her to El Platillo Loco and other local dishes.
October 1944

Saludos: Part IV

Ruth Harkness’adventure to bring ice cream to a childrens’ party in remote Moyobamba, Peru.
June 1944

Saludos: Part III

In search of a rare silver-gray bear, Ruth Harkness discovers the generosity of Omia, an isolated village unaware of a world war.
May 1944

Saludos: Part II

April 1944

In a Tibetan Lamasery

Ruth Harkness reminisces about eating ten thousand dollars’ worth of rare pheasants while living in a remote Tibetan lamasery.
March 1944

Saludos: February 1944

Ruth Harkness travels through the backwoods of Peru, tasting native treasures along the way.
February 1944
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