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Hi-Chew: Better than a Real Mango?

This Japanese candy captures the true flavor of the tropical fruit.
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Restaurants Now: Tanuki

(PORTLAND) - Tanuki looks like a standard neighborhood Japanese restaurant. Do not be fooled.
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The Bento Box Boom

A new crop of cookbooks sings the virtues of these beautifully crafted Japanese box lunches.
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Tamago Gohan to Start the Day

Ridiculously easy to make, this satiating breakfast is perfect for those remaining winter mornings.

Pork Katsu with Quick Carrot Pickles

Tonkatsu—deep-fried breaded pork—is a European-inspired dish that evolved during the late 19th century in Japan.
April 2009
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Eight Great Izakaya Restaurants in Vancouver

Going to an izakaya, a type of Japanese pub with tapas-like dishes, is as much about atmosphere as it is about food. Here are eight of the best in town.
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Restaurants Now: Matsugen

(NEW YORK CITY) - Obsessed. Lately I am obsessed with a strange dish called bakudan on the menu at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Matsugen.
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Eight Great Teahouses in the Pacific Northwest

Going out for tea no longer means choosing between a bubble-tea parlor and a tea bag from a coffee chain.
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Rice Burgers: The Ultimate Fast Food

These golden brown rice patties—filled with meat or crisp produce—bear little resemblance to dull veggie burgers.

Mountain-Yam Hot Pot

This dish would traditionally contain mountain yam, which is native to Japan, but in this recipe we used the more readily available Chinese yam.
December 2008
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