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Eight Great Street-Food Vendors in Philadelphia

You can get almost everything—falafel hoagies, Jamaican goat, pork belly with medicinal herbs (and even an assist from Hello Kitty Land)—without a lot of hype.
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The Teacher and Her Cannoli

Good intentions and the memory of fantastic cannoli aren’t quite enough to get fans to sign up for Italian cooking classes.
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Eight Great Water Ices in Philadelphia

A local invention, the redundantly named water ice is a cross between a Slurpee and sorbet, with an influence of Italian ice.
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Eight Great Rock Venues with Great Food

In the years I spent touring with the British rock band Electrelane, I sampled quite a few venue menus. Here are eight of my favorites.
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Crunching on Grasshopper Tacos

This Mexican delicacy is meaty, crispy, and strangely addictive. Just close your eyes, and the filling isn’t so different from pork carnitas.

Say Cheesesteak

Everyone has an opinion on where you can find the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Including us.
January 2009
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Return from Club Fed

Neil Stein's multimillion-dollar empire has mostly collapsed, but after serving ten months in a federal prison camp for tax evasion, Stein is back, and he's got some (legal) plans.

Automat for the People

The saga of Horn & Hardart—a story that says as much about America as it does about the legendary chain—is told in a new book by Lorraine B. Diehl and Marianne Hardart.
October 2002
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