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A Louisiana Fish Festival Worth Catching

Sara Bonisteel travels to the Catfish Capital of the Universe, Des Allemands, Louisiana, to celebrate the king of the muddy Mississippi
food + cooking

The Definition of a Classic Dish

Judith Jones, the legendary cookbook editor of Julia Child and countless other master chefs, shares the wisdom of experience
food + cooking

Gourmet Live: Lonnie Holley: Artist, Visionary, Shrimper

Molly O’Neill visits with an Alabama artist who is a self-professed instrument of ingredients—his barbecued shrimp recipe might prove him right
food + cooking

Extreme Frugality: Happy Anniversary, Honey

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like stripping down (a chair) to the bare essentials.
food + cooking

Stuck on Spatulas

Whether you’re folding egg whites, scraping sticky ingredients, or even crushing garlic, there’s a spatula for the job.
food + cooking

Nespresso Junkie

The best espresso in America doesn’t come from a café or a stovetop machine—it comes from a foil capsule.
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Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

Stylish and whimsical, these home and kitchen products are sure to make Mom smile.
food + cooking

Some Questions About Cooking And Art

For me, the interesting question isn’t “Can cooking be art?” but “How does cooking function as art?”
food + cooking

A Faux-Food Photo Gallery

Writer Mameve Medwed chronicles her strange fascination with fake food in an exclusive article for Here is just a small sampling of her extensive collection.
food + cooking

Confessions of a Faux-Food Fanatic

It may sound odd, but I’ve come to value replicas of food more than the real thing—because even the meal of a lifetime is over in a matter of hours, but a plastic shrimp is a joy forever....
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