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food + cooking

The Grain Game

For many years now, I've relied on the pressure cooker for chicken soup, stock, and beans—but not much else.

Pot Of Gold

Where does grand inspiration come from? It might be waiting in your kitchen cabinet or in your market bag.
February 2007
food + cooking

Skimming Along

The Japanese make some of the finest skimmers. The mesh surface is so fine that fats and other undesirables are pretty much lifted out exclusively.
food + cooking

Find an Egg Beater

You could call me a Luddite for preferring my old-fashioned egg beater at home to high-tech electric versions, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
food + cooking

Silicone Suggestion

I have become a convert to these brightly colored silicone potholders. If they get messy they can be washed and used again right away.
October 19, 2006