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Eight Great Pilsners

Pilsner, the world’s most popular beer style, may also be the most maligned. The pilsener was invented in Bohemia in the 19th century, honed in Germany, and nearly destroyed in America. After years of mass-market, ersatz suds, the style has had a resurgence. Here are eight great examples....
wine + spirits + beer

Drinking in a Foreign Language

On German wine shops, first-time awkwardness, and falling in love.
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Restaurants Now: Wurstküche

(LOS ANGELES) - Wurstküche (“sausage kitchen” in German) is the perfect bridge between an old no-frills neighborhood and a future one that doesn’t quite exist yet.
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Forgotten Cuisines of America, Part 6: German-American

Germany’s meat-and-potatoes cuisine brought us hearty classics like hamburgers, potato salad, and bratwurst.

Germany's Secret Garden

In Baden, where the Black Forest nestles up against France and Switzerland, you'll find some of Europe's finest restaurants.
October 2002
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