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jean-georges vongerichten

food + cooking

Chefs Pick Their Summer Olympic Idols

They're 10 of the best and brightest in the kitchen, but if they could compete on the world's biggest sports stage, whose sneakers would they dream of filling? Gourmet Live's Kelly Senyei reports...
travel + culture

Good Buys at Paris Restaurants

The best bargains in town right now.
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Matsugen

(NEW YORK CITY) - Obsessed. Lately I am obsessed with a strange dish called bakudan on the menu at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Matsugen.

Comrades in Arms

For one star-studded evening, legendary French chefs and their American protegés went back in time to re-create the dishes that made them famous.
October 2008

Cooking Schools: Jean Georges Culinary Master Course

Dark red tuna sat on the counter, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the master of French-Asian technique was ready. “Shall we get started?” he said.
May 2008
chefs + restaurants

Protein Forward

Top chefs shed light on the mysterious rules of plating.
food + cooking

Squab à l’Orange with Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten talks about the philosophy behind the creative flavor pairings in his signature Squab à l’Orange.