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Paella and Yum Gung

Our Christmas dinners changed forever when my sister-in-law started dating a Thai man.
food + cooking

$70 Bread: A Holiday Story

It was priceless, and this isn’t a credit card commercial.
food + cooking

A Sacramental Meal

It’s not fancy, but for a remote New Mexican village, this restorative feast embodies the holiday spirit.
food + cooking

Lasagne for a Crowd

Need a sure-fire hit for the holidays? This easy, full-flavored mushroom lasagne will impress both your vegetarian and meat-eating guests.
food + cooking

Behind The Recipe: Twelve-Layer Mocha Cake

When our test kitchen director adapted her son’s exquisite wedding cake for the home kitchen, she created this towering beauty—and it’s easier than it looks....
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And Then to Verona

Our test kitchen director tours this ancient city and finds an irresistible treat: buttery Christmas pandoro.
food + cooking

Giving up on Latkes

My relatives would probably be horrified at the idea of eating fried chicken at Hanukkah, but when you live in a wasteland of sorts, you make do.
food + cooking

Behind The Recipe: Almond Sherry Christmas Trifle

One of our cooks draws inspiration from Charles Dickens to create this quintessential holiday dessert.

Hanukkah Menus: Eight Days, Four Ways

Whether you’re looking for kid-friendly finger food or a sophisticated sit-down dinner, these recipes are sure to satisfy.
December 2008

Twelve-Layer Mocha Cake

In this elegant European-style cake, thin layers of different flavors come together in each bite.
December 2008
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