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What We'll Be Eating in 2050

Will insects and manufactured meat be on our menus in 40 years? Robert Sietsema asked scientists, chefs, and other experts about the future of food

Gourmet Live: Falling Stars

Robert Sietsema looks at some of the most spectacular failures in the restaurant business
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Eight Great Italian Markets in New York City

Successive waves of Italian immigration beginning a century and a half ago have blessed New Yorkers with the country’s best collection of Italian markets.
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Smoked Meat vs. Pastrami

I recently ate the famed smoked meat at Schwartz’s in Montreal, then flew back to New York and had the pastrami at Katz’s later that day. Which was better?
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The Hidden Beauty of Winter Herbs

Despite their bedraggled appearance, herbs grown outdoors this time of year can be even more delicious than their summer counterparts.
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Cooking Stars

Before the age of celebrity chefs, there were chef-celebrities. What creations did Humphrey Bogart and Charlton Heston dream up?
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Crunching on Grasshopper Tacos

This Mexican delicacy is meaty, crispy, and strangely addictive. Just close your eyes, and the filling isn’t so different from pork carnitas.
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Central Italy’s Infinitely Variable Recipe

How a taste of rich chicken-liver crostini can transport you to the heart of Italy.
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First Taste: 10 Downing

This new restaurant has the makings to be a classic: It hits that sweet spot between comfort food and more ambitious dishes.
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Eat Like a Roman, Part 4: Baking Placenta

No! Not that kind of placenta! Are you kidding?
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