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Garden to Glass

James Rodewald names the herbs every budding mixologist should grow for great cocktails—recipe ideas included
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The Drinks Issue

We’re raising a toast to wine, cocktails, and even coffee—with a chaser of bartenders’ hangover cures
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The Rise and Rise of the Cocktail Fest

Kate Sekules samples her way through the cocktail festival circuit—and shares a taste

Aviation Cocktail

Violet-scented cocktails such as The Aviation, once fairly common, almost disappeared 50 years ago. Newly available violet liqueurs are helping to bring them back.
October 2009

Purple Haze

The Varnish, a proto-speakeasy hidden at the back of the century-old sandwich shop Cole’s, is the center of the Los Angeles cocktail cult.
October 2009
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The Mixologist and the Meyer Lemon

Don’t scoff until you taste what this hybrid citrus can do for an ordinary glass of beer.

Liquid Smoke

You really shouldn’t worry too much about smoke getting in your eyes because we’ve got a bigger problem: Why are bartenders hell-bent on putting it into your cocktail?...
June 2009

Pina Pisco Sours

Pisco, a potent brandy distilled from grapes, is made in Peru and Chile, recognizable by its distinctive foamy head (from egg white) and lime flavor.
May 2009

Holiday Party Recipes

As a prelude to dinner or—why not?—instead of it, these easy, elegant hors d’oeuvres are perfect party pleasers.
diary of a foodie

Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie: Drinks: The Golden Age of Spirits

Come along as we travel the globe to discover the exciting and flavorful world of spirits.
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