Spun Heaven

From the big top to high society, cotton candy is the stuff of dreams.
February 2000

Food Flashes: July 1951

Mighty like a rose and it is rose, a rose-petal honey made by a recipe taken from the famous Martha Washington cookbook, the original copy now owned by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
July 1951

Food Flashes: June 1951

It's a little patch of heaven—gourmets' heaven, we mean—Bellows' Gourmets' Bazaar, 69 East Fifty-second Street, New York. Here we discovered little delicacies from the Continent not generally found in the States....
June 1951

Food Flashes: March 1951

A de luxe variation for the Lenten menu is frogs' legs from the frogland of America; these shipped by express the day after the night they are caught. The frogs are packed in kegs, the minimum order five pounds.
March 1951

Food Flashes: February 1949

Hit the jack pot of all things good—the Jack Pot Beans, a product of Hitching Post Foods, Inc., Savannah, Georgia. These beans are the big, mealy limas, cooked Southern style with brown sugar.
February 1949

Food Flashes: December 1948

October, and we were down on Cape Cod in the midst of the cranberry picking to visit the National Cranberry Association's packing plants.
December 1948

Food Flashes: December 1947

The evolution of our Christmas dinner is a story of robust, merry feasting, of wholesale hospitality reaching down the centuries.
December 1947

Food Flashes: June 1945

A fine experience for the nose! Take a deep whiff of that Spanish saffron.
June 1945
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