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Chefs Pick Their Summer Olympic Idols

They're 10 of the best and brightest in the kitchen, but if they could compete on the world's biggest sports stage, whose sneakers would they dream of filling? Gourmet Live's Kelly Senyei reports...
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Gourmet Live: A Bite with Eric Ripert

Le Bernardin's award winning chef on dining with the Dalai Lama, small refrigerators, and eating brains
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Black-Garlic Magic

These sweet, fermented cloves add depth to any dish—even desserts.
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Someone’s in the Kitchen with Eric

The role of the executive chef is to keep the kitchen running smoothly—and that’s not easy for someone who’s used to micro-managing.
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My Quest to Build the Perfect Burger

What McDonald’s and Burger King taught this chef about America’s quintessential sandwich.
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Letter from India

A solo trip to Dharamsala offers spiritual rejuvenation and culinary inspiration.
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Treat Yourself to Truffles

Black truffles are this chef’s all-time favorite ingredient. Since February is the peak of the season, here’s his guide to making the most of it.
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