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lisa abend

chefs + restaurants

“P” is for Pricey ... and Maybe Pretentious

Sula House is an updated version of what Madrileños call a tasca ilustrada (bistro with pretentions).
travel + culture

Seven Reasons To Keep in Mind if You’re Not Ernest Hemingway

The Running of the Bulls starts tomorrow, and just as it has for decades, will draw millions of people to Pamplona to prove their stupidity, er, test their bravery.
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Diverxo, As In Diverse

DiverXo sits on a drab street in a drab part of town I can honestly say I had never been to before.
travel + culture

How to Get Around the Wait at El Bulli

El Bulli uses a lottery to assign its six-month season of reservations—and every single one of them for 2007 has been assigned.
travel + culture

One-Stop Shopping, With Tables Attached

A big trend is the combo restaurant and gourmet shop. And now the creator of one of Madrid's best Italian restaurants has gotten in on the act.
food + cooking

You Say Tomato, I Say What?

The most polemical news in Barcelona's newspaper La Vanguardia this week has to do not with the war in Iraq or the Sarkozy vs. Royal match-up, but with pan con tomate.
food politics

What's Next? A Ban on Chorizo?

Endless articles in the Spanish press lament the passing of the Mediterranean diet.
food + cooking

Cherries on Top

Leave it to the Catalans. The same people to bring us spherification and the lollipop are now building a better cherry.
chefs + restaurants

Magic Moments from Madrid

Hundreds of chefs, writers, and critics turned out for Madrid Fusion, one of the most interesting get-togethers in the food world.