food + cooking

The South’s Storied Chess Pie

Jean Anderson shares a slice of history—and her recipe for this sweet and simple dessert
food + cooking

A Five-Star Gas Station

Jean Andersonvisits Saxapahaw General Store in a North Carolina textile town that’s reinventing itself
food + cooking

Gourmet Live: For the Love of Mayonnaise

Rick Bragg sings the praises of this key condiment in Southern food—and shares some surprising uses for mayo, including his mother’s mashed potatoes
food + cooking

I’m One of the Aces in the Business

Over and over, I would hear stories of Biloxi fishermen getting out of the water, doubtful of the future. But Frank Parker’s got no worries.

Braised Bacon Carolina Rice

It’s pretty hard to upstage bacon, but if you get your hands on some heirloom Carolina Gold rice, that’s what you might end up doing.
October 2009
food + cooking

Before the People and the Po’ Boys

Before I felt a Southern welcome, before meeting and eating with people filled with rich stories, all I knew of Biloxi was that it was a disaster.
wine + spirits + beer

That’s the Whiskey Talking

Tennessee tinkers with its liquor laws, to good and ill effect.
chefs + restaurants

Antoine’s On Our Own Terms

Learning to love New Orleans’s most beloved dowager.
food + cooking

How to Trash a Great Recipe

A tale of kitchen downshifting, wherein a gratin begets a casserole.
food + cooking

The Celery Soda Chronicles

Chasing a pastrami sandwich with a can of Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray soda may be a time-honored New York tradition, but down South Eudora Welty drank her celery, too.
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