john t. edge


His Ham Stands Alone

Allan Benton is the man behind some of the most flavorful ham and bacon we’ve tasted in years. Breathe deeply now, and inhale the sweet kiss of hickory.
October 2006

Redesigning the Pig

A barbecue pitmaster has a vision both crazy and pure.
July 2005

Feeding Body and Soul

How a railroad cook from Cape Verde created a church, a musical genre, and some divine cafeterias.
October 2003

Creole Comet

Before he vanished from sight, Austin Leslie was one of the most celebrated chefs on the New Orleans restaurant scene. John T. Edge explores the nature of fame and frying.
October 2002

Half-Shell Boogie

The shuck and jive of New Orleans oyster openers has the beauty of music. John T. Edge captures their syncopated rhythms.
October 2001

Grown in the USA

Here are five farmers whose produce we would very much like to taste in that restaurant of dreams.
July 2001

Kiss My Grits

If you want to mess with tradition, says southerner John T. Edge, make sure that it’s your own.
October 2000
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