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Behold: The Bananimé

So what happens when you stick a bunch of circus peanuts into some cheap vodka and let it sit for a few days?
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2 Guys: The Other End of the Supper Club Experience

In June, EveSUPPERCLUB’s organizers posed a question that we hadn’t encountered at previous outings: Would we be interested in cooking at an upcoming charity event?
food + cooking

Sweet Corn—Why Even Bother Cooking It?

food + cooking

2 Guys: The Gourmet High Life

wine + spirits + beer

2 Guys: Bottling Your Own Beer (Is Maybe Even Slightly Less Fun Than Brewing It)

“TIME TO BOTTLE!” exclaim our instructions. The instructions’ excitement, however, is probably due to the fact that they aren’t the ones that have to do the bottling.
wine + spirits + beer

2 Guys: Brewing Beer (Is Not as Fun as You’d Think it Would Be)

The specificity of brewing beer feels a lot like baking bread, but with more water and less fun.
chefs + restaurants

Six Guys!

A chain of east coast burger franchises has recently opened a couple of outposts in the New York area to a certain amount of acclaim within the hamburger-eating community.
wine + spirits + beer

Why You Should Never Buy Your Friend a Drink

food + cooking

Behind the Recipe: Cherry Pie

There are few things more iconic than cherry pie, so it was a natural fit for our July cover.
food + cooking

2 Guys: A Son's Sacrifice

We were recently lucky enough to get a chance to see A Son's Sacrifice, a new documentary directed by Yoni Brook.
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