Strawberry Sensations

Tis’ the season of strawberries, and we’re featuring this juicy red berry in all its glorious sweet, fruity flavor. From Strawberry Panna Cottas to Rhubarb Strawberry Pudding Cake,...
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Gourmet Live: Scarlett Johansson Bakes!

She’s hot, all right, even in the kitchen, Adam Sachs reports
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Gourmet Today: How to Make Spiced Milk Tea (Masala Chai)

Executive editor John “Doc” Willoughby demonstrates how to make this comforting drink from our new cookbook, Gourmet Today.

Spiced Milk Tea (Masala Chai)

Enjoyed by millions in India, masala chai, a spiced, sweetened black tea mixed with milk, is now popular around the world.
October 2009

Green Tea Punch

We won’t weigh in on the health benefits of antioxidants, but we can strongly endorse the flavor of this punch.
June 1973
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Let Us Now Praise Obscure Teas, Verbena Edition

I used to believe that tea should be tea. How did I go from dissing herbal tea to craving this strange murk?

Chocolate Earl Grey Macarons

They’re an untraditional pair, but Earl Grey’s subtle citrus notes really enliven the deep flavor of chocolate.
September 2008

Tea-Smoked Duck Breasts

This procedure—done mostly in a wok—is simple and produces a mean smoked duck. Try thin slices over a salad, or make smoked-duck sandwiches.
January 2007

Feel-Good Tea

Our executive food editor, Zanne Stewart, was served this tea by chef Ed Brown at The Sea Grill one evening when she was feeling ill. She asked for the recipe and now swears by its feel-good properties.
January 2001
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