Cuisine Parisienne

See Paris and die? No, see Paris and eat. That is, or should be, the intention of the thousands of visitors who will go to Paris this anniversary year.
July 1951

The Provocative Apricot

Temptation for most people is symbolized by the apple and the serpent, but for a wide-eyed six-year-old boy living in central France six decades ago, temptation was the apricot.
June 1951

Tricks of My Trade: May 1951

During the short time that truffles, and others of the same sort, are in season, they are regarded with an appreciation that approaches reverence.
May 1951

Tricks of My Trade: March 1951

An old French Proverb has it: “C'est la Sauce qui fait le poisson,” testifying to the importance of sauce.
March 1951

Vintage Tour—1949

To France, her great wines, her matchless food, her overwhelming hospitality!
February 1950

Vegetables à la Française

June, according to La Cuisine de tous les mois, one of my French books on cooking, is par excellence le mois des légumes—unsurpassed as the month of vegetables.
June 1948
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