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First Taste: Hill Country

My fingers smell like smoke. My hair smells like smoke. My skirt and my sweater smell like smoke too.
food + cooking

The Joys of Osmosis

One-upmanship is the order of the day, and Weberites comb specialty butcher shops for the best prime filet, free-range chicken, and artisanally-raised pork loin.
food + cooking

The Skill of the Grill

Grilling is about as straightforward as it gets: You put some food over a fire and leave it there until it's done.
June 2007

Redesigning the Pig

A barbecue pitmaster has a vision both crazy and pure.
July 2005

Smokin’ in the Backyard

Home smoking captures the delicate flavor that store-bought can’t. And all you need is a kettle grill and some hardwood sawdust.
June 2005

Fast-Food Futurecast

A longing look in the rearview mirror and a hopeful gaze at the road ahead lead to a surprising conclusion.
January 2005

The Few, The Proud, The Barbecue

A Beaufort, South Carolina, drill sergeant whips southern cooking into shape.
February 2004

They’re Red Hot

Barbecue is rightly deified down South, but the tamales there are also devilishly good.
December 2003

Going Coastal

Imagine a place with no Burger King. Now imagine creamy grits, oyster skillet roast, and pulled pork. It’s not a dream, it’s Edisto.
May 2003

Five Men and a Pig

When an old-fashioned southern barbecue goes whole hog, Pat Conroy learns the limits of friendship.
June 2002
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