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food politics

Seeds Of Change

With the world’s hungry topping one billion, a first lady—and it’s not Michelle—announces a fresh approach to food policy.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Change We Can’t Believe In

The new administration is making great strides in food policy—except when it comes to the issue of genetic modification.
food politics

The USDA’s People’s Garden Program

The creation of a garden gives clues about how our new Secretary of Agriculture—a man well-versed in commodity agriculture—is approaching food policy.
food politics

Agriculture + Food in Obama’s Stimulus Plan

A look at how farm and food programs will—and won’t—benefit from the President’s $825 billion plan.
food politics

The Gourmet Q + A: Joshua Viertel

The president of Slow Food USA talks about where the next generation of American foodies may be headed.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: New Hope for Food Safety

A laudable new bill would give the FDA more funding and expanded authority to monitor our food supply.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Talking the Talk on Sustainable Food

The USDA’s new Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food initiative is a nice symbol, but will it actually change anything?
food politics

The Price Was Right

What will a cool $85 million buy from Congress these days? A tailor-made law that will benefit giant food companies at the expense of our health.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Food Safety Lapses

Why the FDA can’t solve the salmonella mystery; a synthetic additive slips into “organic” chicken; and more.
food + cooking

10 exceptional food-related charities

Give the gift of food to the world’s neediest, Patricia Reilly advises
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