food politics

Politics of the Plate: Toxic Strawberries?

California’s governor will soon decide whether to approve a new—and possibly very dangerous—pesticide for use on this beloved summer fruit.
food politics

Cooking School for Soldiers

Sick of dishing out heat-and-eat meals, a group of Army Special Forces cooks enlists the help of a civilian chef.
food politics

Seeds Of Change

With the world’s hungry topping one billion, a first lady—and it’s not Michelle—announces a fresh approach to food policy.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Family Farms or “Facilities”?

Why the new Food Safety Enhancement Act could spell trouble for small farmers.
food politics

The Gourmet Q + A: Robert Kenner

The director of Food, Inc. discusses how “veggie libel laws” have silenced critics of the food industry, why travel is horrible, and more.
food + cooking

Grilling Outlaws

This summer rite may seem like an inalienable right, but for many Americans (maybe even you), outdoor grilling is illegal.
food politics

Recession Flexitarians

The economic downturn may have a positive effect on the meat-heavy American diet.
food politics

Humane Slaughterhouses

Okay, so your steak comes from a cow that lived a happy life—but how did that life end?
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Perennial Waves of Grain

According to plant geneticist Wes Jackson, we could see a commercially viable variety of perennial wheat within a decade—and he has the flour from his experimental plantings to prove it....
food politics

Space Farming Comes Down to Earth

Faced with budget cuts, NASA plant researchers are turning their attention to this planet—and they could be shaping the future of agriculture.
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