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Veal Meatballs with Braised Vegetables
We’ve lightened traditional meatballs with veal and added Mediterranean accents to achieve a bright, springtime flavor. Chicken broth and matzo meal take the place of milk and bread crumbs to keep the meatballs exceptionally tender.
Pasta made with matzo cake meal is extremely light in texture and is no fuss to prepare when it’s rolled and cut into thin strips. The vegetables, in shades of green, provide a range of spring color.
Turkey Breast Stuffed with Matzo and Fennel
This beautiful roast is incredibly juicy, thanks to moist stuffing and a quick sear.
Savory Red Pepper and Onion Matzo Brei
Everybody’s favorite comfort food at Passover, matzo brei gets a makeover with savory onions, red peppers, and dill.
Cheese Matzo Blintzes with Asparagus and Dill
These blintzes will win raves for their delicate texture and soft centers. If you are new to making crêpes, you may want to make an extra half batch of batter to allow for a few imperfect crêpes.
Passover Lemon Cheesecake
Almonds and matzo cake meal make a wonderfully textured crust for this refreshing, citrusy cheesecake. After Passover, instead of pulling out the graham crackers again, experiment with other cookie crusts such as one made with shortbread.
Strawberry Rhubarb Compote with Matzo Streusel Topping
Potato starch does double duty: It thickens the compote and gives the streusel a tender crumb. If you can’t find matzo cake meal, grind batches of regular matzo meal in a clean electric coffee/spice grinder until it has the consistency of flour.
Walnut-Date Torte
Ingredients of Sephardic cooking—dates, cardamom, and orange zest—bring a mosaic of Mediterranean scents and textures to the Passover table. The cake has a coarse crumb yet is incredibly moist and chewy, thanks to the dates. A sprinkle of our Passover version of powdered sugar dresses up the torte for a special occasion.
Pecan Torte with Strawberries and Cream
A wonderful welcome to spring, this butter- and oil-free torte gains its richness from pecans. If you want to keep the cake pareve, or if you intend to serve it several times, leave it unfrosted.
Lemon Cakes with Basil Lemon Syrup
Sweet basil scents the lemony syrup and makes these delicate little cakes deliciously modern.
parisian passover coconut macaroons
The secret to these macaroons’ texture is the Italian meringue, composed of egg whites and a boiling sugar syrup. When baking these for Passover, dust the sheets with matzo cake meal; you can use flour at other times.
Almond Thumbprint Cookies
These delicate little almond cookies are perfect for entertaining; the contrast between the crisp cookie and gooey-sweet jam will keep guests coming back for more. And it takes less than 30 minutes of hands-on cooking time to whip up a batch.
Matzo Almond Brittle
Boxes of matzo farfel, very small pieces of matzo (about 1/4 inch wide), turn up in markets around Passover. Farfel is usually used in soups or for stuffing. This brittle can be eaten as candy or sprinkled over ice cream.
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