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grilled clams
Perfect for a first course or light dinner, these grilled clams can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.
grilled mahimahi ceviche salad
Ají amarillo paste is crucial to many Peruvian dishes, including classics like Chicken in Chile Sauce (also known as ají de gallina) and Peruvian Rice and Lentils, or tacu tacu. The chile paste also lends its mild, slightly fruity heat to this beautiful, summery salad of grilled mahimahi, creamy avocado, red onion, crisp cabbage, and crunchy tortilla chips—think of it as the love child between ceviche and fish tacos.
grilled snapper
Epazote, a pungent herb often used in Mexico to flavor beans and huitlacoche, lends a deep, savory note to this mesquite-grilled whole red snapper.
shrimp tikka
Shrimp get a wake-up call from a bold spice paste that really packs a punch. A brief 30-minute swim in the marinade imbues the shrimp with intense flavor—jalapeño, ginger, and garlic lend heat, while garam masala contributes depth. Sparkle comes from a splash of lime juice. Think of the mango chutney as a fresh Indian salsa; it’s crunchy, colorful, tart, and very refreshing.
grilled scallop ceviche
Though it’s not a true ceviche, since the scallops are already cooked when they hit the marinade, the classic combination of refreshing citrus acid from orange and lime juice, heat from jalapeño, crunch from cucumber, and sweetness from the scallops themselves becomes even more intriguing with the added layer of flavor from the grill.
miso-glazed tuna kebabs
A spin on Nobu’s famous miso-glazed black cod, these tuna kebabs are uncommonly satisfying—like umami on a stick. Shiro miso—aided and abetted by mirin and lush mayonnaise—asserts itself beautifully against the meaty tuna. The sugar in the marinade caramelizes over the hot grill, giving the quickly cooked tuna some tantalizingly crisp edges.
halibut with chimichurri
A simple chimichurri lends vibrant flavor to these grilled halibut steaks.
grilled whole mackerel
A whole mackerel or bluefish is about 2 feet long, so you will just be able to fit it on an angle in a large rectangular gas grill or a wide oven. You might want to measure your grill (or oven) before choosing a fish to make sure you’ll have enough room.
grilled scallops
We tried this recipe with several brands and varieties of beans, and Goya’s small white beans held their shape the best.
grilled lobster
Some of us prefer the taste of grilled lobster to boiled. The smokiness of the fire balances the richness of the meat while simultaneously intensifying its flavor.
grilled salmon with lime butter sauce
Just a sprinkle of zest and a dab of lime butter sauce beautifully highlight the flavor of grilled salmon.
shrimp and daikon salad
That distinctive quality of ume-shiso—the tart-and-salty combination of umeboshi (pickled plums) and green shiso, an exuberantly undefinable fresh herb—really enhances the juicy sweetness and char of grilled shrimp and the faintly radishy crunch of daikon.
risotto with calamari
Homemade stock will make any risotto fabulous. Here, the delicate, springlike combination of leeks and peas is given texture and heft with the addition of calamari, turning it into a main course.
bass watermelon
This salsa would also be great on chicken or pork.
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