Zanne Stewart

Media Food Editor

Photograph by Romulo Yanes

Since joining Gourmet in 1972, Zanne Early Stewart’s been refining her palate. Early in her career, she took classes with Marcella Hazan, Jacques Pepin, Nina Simonds, and the late John Clancy, and she continues to relish every learning opportunity. Her knowledge of food and wicked sense of humor have kept the test-kitchens spicy for decades. Recently she added the word "media" to her food editor title and looks forward to expanding her role beyond the pages of the magazine.

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Cooking Schools: Ballymaloe Cookery School

You will surely leave Ballymaloe Cookery School a more confident cook, and you might even come away with a green thumb as well.
May 2008
food + cooking

A Dozen Eggs

Here’s a fresh look at 12 varieties of eggs you may know—and others you may never have imagined were edible.
food + cooking

Ethnic Food, Aisle 10

For a cook, discovering a new ingredient is like a painter discovering a new color. And that's the source of my fascination with what is labeled the "ethnic aisle" at the grocery store.
September 2007
food + cooking

Classic Cookbooks: An Invitation to Indian Cooking

An Invitation to Indian Cooking, published in 1973, invited and seduced me to delve into a cuisine I had never yet tasted.
food + cooking

Classic Cookbooks: Good Things

Grigson's tone is so encouraging that a timid cook might be curious to attempt a recipe in which spinach absorbs a pound of butter.
food + cooking

Classic Cookbooks: A Treasury of Great Recipes

If you judge a book solely by its cover, one of the most used cookbooks in my library might look too outrageous for your kitchen.
chefs + restaurants

Going Bananas Over a Plate of Pasta

The menu from chef Michael Voltaggio started with abalone and cuttlefish in an abalone shell and topped with a puff of "pad Thai" foam.
food + cooking

Taking Stock

I need only a tasting spoon to tell you that Gourmet’s roast turkey will make a wonderful base for gravy and/or soup.

Caviar Pancakes

Even made with supermarket roe, this dish makes an elegant impression.
May 2004

Buttermilk Pancakes

You can use these pancakes for the caviar pancakes (view recipes) and save the remaining batter for breakfast.
May 2004
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