Robert Pincus

Photograph by Kevin Demaria

When Robert Pincus was a professor of cloud physics at the University of Wisconsin, he reacted to the stress of his day job in a perfectly normal way: by adding on a night job cooking for Odessa Piper at L’Etoile, where he received advanced training in cooking from the farmers market. He now lives in New York with his wife Tara Q. Thomas and their baby daughter (code name “Squishy”). He spends just a little too much time at the Union Square Greenmarket.

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food + cooking

How to Say No

We’ve encouraged our daughter to eat anything that pleases her. We never thought about how to set limits.
food + cooking

Mollusks for Life

Germany’s nice and all, but there’s no place like home for greenmarkets, sweet corn, and sea scallops.
food + cooking

All Tomorrow’s Parties

Before we leave Germany, there are parties and picnics to help make saying goodbye a little easier.
food + cooking

Feeding Community

Living and working in a foreign country, you begin to understand the rituals that create community. One of them (no surprise) is lunch.
wine + spirits + beer

Drinking in a Foreign Language

On German wine shops, first-time awkwardness, and falling in love.
food + cooking

Flavor Bank

What to do when the flavor of summer is just too good to let go.
food + cooking

Suffering Cephalopods, Batman

Squid is not just for calamari. In fact, if you get it fresh, it’s amazingly versatile, not to mention delicious.
travel + culture

Lights in the Sky

A gentle reminder of Thailand in the skies of northern Germany.
travel + culture

You Are Here

Just being on another part of the earth’s surface can, it turns out, reinvigorate your sense of wonder.
food + cooking

Smoked Fish, Bacon of the Sea

Why this egg-less, bacon-less meal is just like pasta carbonara.
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