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In Las Vegas, Boys Will Be Boys

I was quickly intrigued by a series of recent print advertisements for Las Vegas hotels. They were, how can I put this, a bit gay.

The Future Has Landed

An innovative Italian design firm runs circles around the notion that kitchens need to get bigger in order to get better.
June 2006

Dollars and Sense

Armed with imagination, a couple find that a cost-conscious approach to remodeling their kitchen doesn’t mean cutting corners.
February 2005

Alone Again, Naturally

For one man, Provincetown provides a paradoxical sense of belonging in isolation, the odd feeling that sometimes the best way to find companionship is by yourself.
December 2003

Imagine That

It may sometimes appear in the form of a mirage, but Lawrence Karol has located a fountain of youth in the Palm Springs desert.
February 2002
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