Kemp’s Creamy Creamless Chile Corn Chowder

Corn chowder doesn’t have to be ivory pale with milk or cream to taste creamy.
September 2009
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The Home Cook: Kemp’s “You-Won’t-Believe-They’re-Whole-Wheat” Blueberry Muffins

August means blueberries, and that means a treat that’s light, tender, and ridiculously good for you.

Kemp’s “You-Won’t-Believe-They’re-Whole-Wheat” Blueberry Muffins

These muffins, made with whole-wheat pastry flour, deliver all that you want and expect in a muffin.
August 2009
food + cooking

The Home Cook: Cilantro Almond Chicken Salad

One of the best chicken salads comes from a college-town restaurant, but who knew it, ahem, would come full circle?

Cilantro Almond Chicken Salad

You can make this salad with any cooked chicken, but for your summertime kitchen, use chicken breasts and poach them.
July 2009
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The Home Cook: Kemp’s Duck Breast with Mango Relish

Make room in your culinary repertoire for the other red meat.
food + cooking

The Home Cook: Kemp’s Dandy Egg on Toast

It’s spring, and old-timey dandelion greens make an appearance at farmers markets—and in your own backyard. Time to pounce.
food + cooking

The Home Cook: Quinoa, The Better Couscous

Serve this ancient staple wherever you’d use couscous, and you’ll get a meal with more protein and fiber than semolina could provide.

Quinoa “Couscous”

Cooking quinoa so that it’s light and fluffy like couscous is a great trick to learn.
April 2009

Kemp’s Quick Moroccan Stew with Quinoa “Couscous”

Students of Moroccan cuisine will tell you that olives don’t belong in a chicken stew with prunes, but if you love that sweet-briny balancing act, feel free to add them....
April 2009
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