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Cilantro Almond Chicken Salad

You can make this salad with any cooked chicken, but for your summertime kitchen, use chicken breasts and poach them.
July 2009
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The Home Cook: Quinoa, The Better Couscous

Serve this ancient staple wherever you’d use couscous, and you’ll get a meal with more protein and fiber than semolina could provide.

Quinoa “Couscous”

Cooking quinoa so that it’s light and fluffy like couscous is a great trick to learn.
April 2009

Kemp’s Quick Moroccan Stew with Quinoa “Couscous”

Students of Moroccan cuisine will tell you that olives don’t belong in a chicken stew with prunes, but if you love that sweet-briny balancing act, feel free to add them....
April 2009
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The Home Cook: How to Deal with Butternut Squash

Working with this winter squash isn’t as intimidating as it seems: Our executive food editor has come up with a quick workaround to a classic Italian dish.

Kemp’s Butternut Squash Pasta with Fried Sage Leaves

If you are a fan of pumpkin-stuffed ravioli with sage butter—an Italian classic—think of the pasta dish below as its less-demanding cousin.
February 2009
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The Home Cook: A Soulful Southern Stew

Growing up, our executive food editor knew nothing of collard greens and ham hocks. Then she had a revelation.

Kemp’s Hoppin’ John Collard Stew

This take on hoppin’ John—a traditional favorite from the Lowcountry of South Carolina and Gerogia—is our idea of easy.
January 2009
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Lasagne for a Crowd

Need a sure-fire hit for the holidays? This easy, full-flavored mushroom lasagne will impress both your vegetarian and meat-eating guests.

Mushroom Lasagne

If you’re looking for a lasagne that can play the lead as a vegetarian main dish or a supporting role to a meaty roast, this is it.
December 2008
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